Protect your bank
and credit cards

Avoid the fraudulent use of your bank and credit cards
with our card protectors.

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The risks associated with contactless bank/credit cards

Your recent bank and credit cards are probably “contactless”. This means that they can be used without having to be inserted in a card reader. They simply need to be near a specific type of reader in order for a payment to be made. And for small sums, neither your PIN number nor your signature are required.

Which means it is very easy for someone dishonest to directly scan the cards in your wallet and make you pay small amounts without you even realising it at the time. For that, the person only needs to bring a specific card reader, or a smartphone with a payment application, in close proximity to your wallet. Something that’s easy to do in packed areas such as on public transport...

Fortunately there is an inexpensive solution to avoid all that.


Avoid fraudsters with our card protectors

We offer special card protectors for your bank and credit cards. All you need to do is to place them next to your bank/credit cards to avoid any fraudulent use.

Exactly the same size and slightly thicker than your bank/credit cards, they fit easily into your wallet and make any illegal use of your cards impossible.


How do our card protectors work?

Our card protectors are made up of a blocking antenna that makes it impossible to read the data on your bank or credit card. This antenna operates within a maximum radius of 5 cm which is why your cards have to be very close. No batteries are required.


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